I have recently started to teach my 10th graders, the vocabulary related to the Family and our relationship with our parents and relatives.

I've found this awesome videos (on Youtube) which can be used as a vocabulary revision ( describe the father and the son), to talk about feelings and I also think this can influence our students in a positive's a bit sad, but they've liked it. Hope you like it too!

Hi everyone! After some busy months, here I am, back in business!

To start the new school year, nothing better than dancing and singing to celebrate the new contents, the new learning experience!

Thanks to my dear friend Sandra, I found this great site and now I'm fond of it! There are great songs which can help us to create the perfect environment to learn in a funny way! Hope you like it!

This worksheet is dedicated to Portuguese teachers/students

Here I am teaching adults again!

It's not always easy because there aren't as many resources as for I create my own activities based on articles I read and thinking about their real needs.

We have been studying how to ask and answer about our personal data (they are beginners), so I decided to create this activity so they can practise how to speak in a real situation.

They have to imagine they are working in a hotel and need the customer's personal data. One of the students asks the questions and then they change roles! I'm using this tonight and I really hope it works!

Dear readers

This is the last photo I've taken... I'm swimming in an ocean of paper and it doesn't have an end...

The news is that I got another job and I'm teaching 11th graders now. It has been a great experience because I've been working with young children and adults for quite some time now, and I was missing teenagers!

But... I wasn´t ready for all the paper work we need to do when we work in a my free time is reduced to....nothing!

I'll try to update the blog and create new woksheets at the weekends. Don't give up on me!

Wish me luck!