The new unit was School, so we have learnt the school objects and practised how to write them and how to say them. Most of the students already new these words so it wasn't too hard. Then we have tried a different activity.... I've printed some images of different objects from google, laid them on the table and the students had to say their names in English.

And the best part of our lesson was using a school bag (created with a simple box of cereals). They had to go to school but their bag was empty so .... they asked their partners all the stuff they needed!

For example: I need one pencil case, two pens, one pencil, one pencil sharpener, one ruler and one rubber.

This gave them the opportunity to choose what they wanted, how many objects they would need, and we can also adapt the activity and make them revise the colours. This class was a success and it was really easy to plan: a simple box of cereals can make wonders in English classes! Hope you like it!

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  1. Hello!!!!
    Your blog is amazing! I love your ideas =]
    Where did you find the images of classroom objects??? I'm working about this with my 1st grade... I'd love make a poster with them using these images... can you help me???
    Thanks and sucess for you!!!!

  1. Olá Andrea! I've made a search on google by the name of the objects. The first images that I show were bought in a bookshop here in Portugal...but if you can't find what you need send me an e-mail to
    I'll be glad to help!