Some people think that the German language is difficult to learn and it is. We need to study hard and never forget the rules.

Some people think it sounds awkward, but I think they are wrong. It has sounds which can be hard to learn, but once we do it, we fall in love with it!

I really love to teach German but I don't have many opportunities as I wish. Last year I had a group of grown-ups who gave me the pleasure of teaching them what I have learned and it was really great. This year I only have seven pupils who give me the hard time of teaching them....

The biggest problem is to get good teaching materials for this subject. On the net the worksheets are usually very difficult and there aren't many German books on Portuguese least not as many as they should.

That's why I want to share my worksheets and I hope I have some feedback from other German teachers who have the same problem as I do. Some of them are adapted from English worksheets and the other come from my imagination.

Danke und bis bald!

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