One day I was surfing the net when I found Thunder is an English teacher who has great ideas to teach young students. One of the ideas that I liked most was the Spring Box which contains all the words related to that season.

I've decided to try it, but I'm using it for the four seasons. The goal is to fill the boxes with the words we will be learning until the end of the school year.

It's really easy to do! You just need a shoe box and students can decorate it as they wish!

I've put the same tree on the four boxes and students glued the different elements of each season of the year.
The boxes will be in our classroom and will be filled with words that can be related to each season like the months of the year, clothes...
My students loved this activity so I just have to say...thank you so much Thunder!!!

See more pictures about it

4 comentários:

  1. Só para dizer que estou a adorar o teu trabalho. Os meninos ficam MUITO bem contigo.
    Good Teacher, Good Friend, Good Everything.


  1. Mas que bela ideia, ficou mesmo giro! Tens mesmo jeito para estas coisas! Bjs

  1. Obrigada Marisa! Ainda bem que gostas porque não é nada fácil estar a substituir-re...deixaste um nível elevado..! Beijinhos***

  1. Ohhh!
    They are so beautiful! I usually use a box for each season.But i've never used them at once like you.However, I think it is a good idea.