After learning the vocabulary related to the human face, we decided we wanted to be monsters....

So we had different faces, noses, eyes,
hair, ears and mouths, all in different colours
and numbers so we could practice all we have learnt.

Each student was a monster and had
to follow the teacher's orders to build a strange face.

Here are some examples:

You have a red face, three blue eyes, one blue nose, a blue mouth and two pink ears. You have no hair...!

You have a brown face, blond hair (yellow- so they can understand), two brown eyes, two pink ears and a big mouth with two teeth!

The final result was great! The students had lots of fun and wanted to show everybody what they have just done! I had a lot of fun too, which is also important!
Hope you like it!

2 comentários:

  1. LOVED this "game"!!!!!

  1. I love it!
    I use to play a game: MONSTER'S GAME. It's a picture dictation. I say, for example, The monster has got a square face.It has got 3 small eyes and a big mouth...Then, the students colour the monster and we choose a winner!