Although we haven't written anything during these days, our dear readers continue reading our post and giving us awards. Thanks to all of them!

Samoga en casa and The students of 6th 4 of ES/2,3 de Alvide in Portugal gave us these award

And these are the rules:

1 - Show the Icon of the Award and mention who gave it to us.

2 - Give it to, at least five blogs, that we think deserve this award.

3 - Inform via comment the winning blogs!

And the winners are:

Momentos Recortados

Visto da Lua

Dono de Casa Forçado


Ideias e Arte

This Time I have chosen different blogs, that are not entirely dedicated to teaching English but that are really worth reading. Hugs and Kisses!

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  1. UAU!
    I´m amazed!
    Thank you my dear friend for the words, and the Award, of course.