We started the new school year with revision work, because holidays are good but everyone forgets everything!!!

As most of my pupils were with me last year, I needed new ideas to revise Greetings and Personal data.
I looked for it on the web and once again I was happy to see that English Teachers like to share and help other teachers with their work. Thank you so much.

So the first great idea came from a great blog Frenchfrog's Little English Pond. There I took the idea of making a mini-book, because there is a project and even a template to download for free.

However, this project was a bit complicated for my pupils so I need to make it as simple as possible. So there I went again looking for a way to make this project work for me....

So on EslPrintables I found this great contribution by Cottageloaf Kat which had pictures that could be adapted to my mini-book.

First we chose a character; On the front page we glued a Greeting ; then we asked and answered about our names and how we were; we said it was a pleasure to meet the other character; and finally we said Goodbye!!!

The kids loved it and so did I!

Once again I would like to thank all the teacher who share their work. Thank you sooooo much!!

see more pictures about it

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