A friend of mine asked me this:

"As a teacher in your classroom, you notice that your students are not evolving, they are simply content...which is not bad, you can keep with the year plan and have good marks from them. Would you take the chance and work for a long time with different strategies to get them to another level?"

What's your opinion about this?

2 comentários:

  1. I think we can always try to improve our students' knowledge, try to make them better and I really think they appreciate that. It may not be easy, it may not be recognised immediately, but you have done your best effort. Of course you have a year plan and several things to keep with, but you don't have to stop your classes to get your students in a higher level. Why don't you do it gradually?

  1. In life, I`ve always been like a sponge that absorbs Knowledge, and when it matters on learn English, which means passion to me, even more.
    As a form student on the EFA courses, at the age of thirty,I can only say that I am blessed with an English teacher named Lurdes Silva, whose hard work and dedication are remarkable. I feel very sad, because of the EFA courses only have been programmed with two sessions of forty-five minutes each, per week. But my teacher doesn`t lay her arms down,and she keeps fighting with creativity every week. So I thank her,hoping that this story may serve you as an example. Congrats to your blog that shows as a good sign of your teaching skills and tactics.