One upon a time there was a cowboy, Toy Cowboy. He was riding his horse through the wild west, when he saw a little indian boy. He tried to talk with the little boy. but he didn't understand anything he said. The little boy didn't know how to speak English... Toy Cowboy decided to teach him some words and what a coincidence!!! A train with the days of the week was just passing by....

As the days appeared Toy sang a little Cowboy Song

Today is Monday all they long, doo-da

Today is Monday all they long, all-the-doo-da-day

( Rythm of Captain Ladies Song)

And he sang this song for all the days of the week

I got this train on, and the song from a search on google. This wasn´t my original idea, I 've just mixed two advices and built this story.
Hope you like it!

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