This week I've started another topic on my Primary English classes. As usual, I've gathered some ideas on different sites and different blogs and created my lesson plan.

Days of the week

Some teachers show a calendar so students can learn the month and the different days of the week. I thought it was a great idea but decided to improve it.

I built a very resistant calendar, prepared to last a lifetime.

This calendar has no time reference, because students will build it on their own every month.

We can write whatever we want in each square. Now I'm using it to teach the days of the week, but also to revise the weather conditions. Students will have to write the day and they will also have to draw and write the weather conditions of that day.
Besides that, I think it is also a good idea to write down the students' birthdays. They won't be forgotten and students will feel that that day is important for their classmates and teachers.

It's very easy to create one of these calendars. I've used cardboard and some drawings. You can decorate it as you wish, and also ask your students to help.
The white cardboard needs to have at least 31 squares, so it can fit every month.
And the most important thing, use self-adhesive paper to cover the whole calendar. You can write on it and the cardboard will almost be water-proof!!!
I usually write on it with whiteboard markers because it can be easily cleaned after using.
I will be using this activity until the end of the school year because these are important contents that shouldn't be forgotten!
See you!

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  1. Nice idea!
    My students usually write the weather in their notebooks! But we also have pictures to stick on the board.